Porject Spaces can be created, and apps are managed from here. While Tagbond is in beta, there are no fees to create a Project Space.

Spaces can be created and customised to suit each customer. It could be just for their employees, for their own customers or a mix of both. Access control can be modified to apps on the Private Page (employees only), or Public Page (for members), using roles and lists. Access can be charged by the Space Owner as membership options (paid in Bitcoin SATS, and Tagbond takes 20% commission.)

Each space has some mini apps already available to use, such as the NFT Assets app. This enables creation of your own NFTS, and optional sale via the marketplace tab in the same app. Pricing is always set in Bitcoin SATS, but the user will see that in whatever Fiat equivalent they have chosen. Any sales will incur a percentage fee (5%) for Tagbond. Users can resell their NFT via a central marketplace, 5% of the sale will be split between the original NFT creator and Tagbond.

Spaces can be accessed by users using format tagbond.com/spacename, or optionally a custom domain name can be added in Settings (eg: https://zeresoft.com would load an example space normally set as tagbond.com/zsoft). Users are then inside that site and cannot see other parts of the Tagbond system. And finally, you can export an APK app for use in Google Play Store. It looks exactly the same as the web version of your Space