An NFT is a tokenized representation of something digital or physical with a unique ID and optional data connected to it. The immutable data is stored directly on a blockchain along with the unique ID, or can be stored on IPFS. Other data can be stored in a database and can be changed by the owner, collection owner or the creator of the NFT. NFTs can be created as a unique item, or as a series (eg: 1 of 10).

Tagbond enables quick creation of NFTS at no cost, running on a gasless blockchain, meaning no transaction fees to create or transfer. Together with easy to create mini apps, this allows game creators to experiment with new business models.

NFT assets can be made free and given away in a game, or they can be sold for Bitcoin SATS. Tagbond takes a 5% fee when the NFT is sold, and if resold, the fee is split between the original creator and Tagbond.

ERC1155 Standard

Tagbond standardises on ERC1155 standard for creation of NFTs. One contract can handle billions of types of NFTs.


Create Collections for your Tokens where the collection owner is able to view or change data connected to a collection of Tokens.


When multiple tokens are created that follow the same data structure, templates can be created to make creation faster.

Use NFTs in mini apps

Tagbond will be building mini apps that use created NFTs, or mini apps can be created by you using Google Flutter. Alternatively you can hire Tagbond at $25 per hour to create for you.
The Tagbond web and mobile app lets you control access and pricing with a way to present your own branded experience, or export as a mobile app.

Bonding Bitcoin to NFTs

As an option, any NFT can have Bitcoin SATS bonded to it, so if and when that NFT is burned from the chain, it releases those sats to the owner.