Tagbond uses the Miskio gasless blockchain which runs on Besu Hyperledger with multiple validators added or removed by majority consensus. It is permissioned, with IPs added by any project creators to their own developers and users. Once added, you and your users can then access via products such as Metamask etc, and add smart contracts. The chain does not need any token to run or transact.

Chain Settings:
RPC URL - https://rpc.miskio.net
chainID - 4501
Currency - Not used
Explorer - https://explorer.miskio.com

To connect a node to the chain, install Hyperledger Besu.
Create 2 files (click on each for the contents), one called genesis file and one called config.toml, put them in your besu directory and connect using this command:
besu --config-file=/path-to-besu-directory/config.toml
Just change your directory paths to wherever you put the genesis file and where you want the data stored for blockchain. This will connect to the Tagbond chain and download the blockchain and you are now running a node.

If you are developing with Tagbond and want to be part of the chain consortium as a validator, please chat on miskio.com.