Mini Programs can be accessed and added to your dashboard within the app, which offer many different types of functionality, often linked to wallets. mini programs are created by Tagcash or by 3rd party developers. They can be simple links to web URLs, created as HTML websites, created using Google Flutter or created from templates. They can be created by using the left menu in the app, Manage mini programs. You have options to limit access to certain groups of users or by geographic range and can make them free or pay to use.

HTML and Flutter apps are given a gitlab repository address, via which you can add other developers to work on your project. These repositories can be private or public. If you have a Flutter application already on Github, then why not show it off in Tagcash as a working application, complete with Git repository. It can be linked directly to Github as well.

Companies who want to create their own app for employee use, limited controlled user access or for public consumption can now do this easily - your data can reside on Tagcash servers, or on your own servers or a combination of both. If you don't want to develop it yourself, Tagcash can develop it for you at $25 per hour or negotiated per project.

Once a mini app is created, switch to demo mode (left menu) and try out the app immediately - Add preview users who can also test out the app. Once it is ready to be published then post for review and it will then be made public.

TAGCASH mini programs

Multiple services are already offered as modules and mini programs within Tagcash, which you can view HERE.

WEB URL mini programs

If you just want a link to a website you access a lot, or want to publish that for others to access, then this is the simplest type of web app to create. It can be done within a few seconds. By default web URL mini programs are immediately available for you or your merchant users to use, but if you want to publish for all then Tagcash must approve it. This is a free service.

HTML Website Hosting

Create a website and manage it from your mini app. Set your own domain name so it can be accessed from the web as normal, or keep it within Tagcash. A fee of 250 TAG per month is charged for this service.

Wordpress Hosting

Create a wordpress site and manage it from your mini app or from a web browser. Set your own domain name so it can be accessed from the web as normal, or keep it within Tagcash. A fee of 250 TAG per month is charged for this service.

Google Flutter

Create games, business apps or anything you can imagine using Google Flutter. Apps can be produced very quickly and tested before being going live. The entire Tagcash app is produced using Google Flutter, and any mini programs developed that way should use web mode to display. mini programs are dynamically loaded as needed by the user. This service is free


Templated apps are those created by Tagcash or 3rd party developers, where you can change certain settings and make it your own branded mini app. For example, a shopping app with your branded colors, name and currency settings. Charges depend on the type of template you use.

Download the Tagcash app and start creating today!

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