Cryptocurrency for Micropayments & Rewards

TagCoin is a Payment Token, created as a cryptocurrency, to support microtransaction solutions, as well as used as a micropayment itself. Tagcash (an authorised central bank regulated E-Money Issuer in Philippines) is one of the first customers to use it, as a payment method for the various services within Tagcash applications, including Tagcash Wallet, Tagwild Gamified Loyalty and Tagbond Supply Chain Tracking. It is also used as an advertising and consumption micropayment currency within VTC.COM IT Elearning site. Other partners are welcome to join, taking TagCoin directly as micropayments, or as a method of payment to manage their own currencies used within Tagcash.

Tagcash integrates its wallet with the Stellar Blockchain for transfer and usage of many Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Money. TagCoin was created as a cryptocurrency within Stellar to pay for services in Tagcash Wallets. When used in Tagcash Wallet apps, TagCoin can be sent to any users with an account or to any external Stellar wallets, with no transaction fees. It can be bought, sold and traded via various decentralized exchanges for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Check for details of external wallets and exchanges.

The asset ID of TagCoin on Stellar is GDF75JL7X2XEQL5K743XKNU74CHGAVMZP666BANSC67IHFMAHTC6TEVP.

10 Billion coins were issued with no possibility of reissuance, at an initial value of 1 US cent equivalent. The Tokens are available for sale within Tagcash Wallet, or within the Stellar decentralized exchanges. Approximately 1 Billion TagCoin are in circulation within the Tagcash Wallet and Tagcash Blockchain. Any company can use TagCoin, using the open REST API within Tagcash (, for rewards, to support using your own rewards created on Tagcash or elsewhere, for advertising payments (per view, per action etc), or as a micropayment method where the amounts do not make sense using conventional payment methods.

SOME HISTORY - TagCoin was originally created in 2013 as a PoW/PoS clone of Novacoin and Peercoin. Users of the old currency can burn their currency 10 for 1 exchange for the new TagCoin created within Stellar, by burning their old currency and sending us the transaction ID and your Stellar address to credit, or Tagcash email account.

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