The World's First Rewards Coin

Rewards. Cash. Power.

Tagcoin is the world's first universal worldwide rewards currency. You can earn it, spend it, transfer to your friends, use it to pay for goods and services or simply exchange for cash. It is totally decentralized - we don’t control it, we just created it.

For the technically minded, Tagcoin is a crypto currency, similar to Bitcoin - it’s created using a cryptographic process by computers solving complex mathematical problems, with a maximum creation limit of about 10,000 coins a day. You can transfer this instantly to any other person with a Tagcoin wallet, independent of Tagbond. If you wanted, you could even create your own Tagcoins using the graphics card of your computer, or you can simply earn it or buy it on the many cryptoexchanges that exist today, including the Tagbond Exchange.

So join Tagbond today and get some Tagcoin.


Tagcoin is used within the tagbond platform as a rewards currency, but anyone can use it on any site, with or without using Tagbond:

  • Storage - you can store your Tagcoin in the Tagbond / Tagcash system, or you can load, store, and transfer tag coin from your own personal digital wallet..
  • Value - after 30 days, your Tagcoins will earn up to 1.5% interest per year. As the currency grows in circulation, it may also increase in value.
  • Use - available Tagbond ecosystem that readily accepts, rewards and trades Tagcoins.
  • Flexible - rewarding alternative to a loyalty program, as fluid as real cash exchanges. Tagcoin offers practical, safe and easy solutions to the limitations of points and money.